lialda asacol The phone lines to Belgrade stopped working. Nedret packed his professors belongings carefully in a brown cardboard box and sealed it with tape. A few weeks later, perhaps trying to outdo one another, Nedret and one of his former medical student classmates and political rivals jumped up at a meeting of Tuzla doctors and volunteered to work at a field hospital where Bosnian government loyalists of mixed ethnicities were battling Serb nationalist soldiers in the midst of civilians. He sends the letter. Then, just days after the arrival of the three convoys, and perhaps emboldened by them, several hundred armed men from Srebrenica launch a surprise attack on a series of small villages near the Drina River east of Bratunac. The villages, previously mixed Serb and Muslim, were brutally emptied of Muslims in the wars early days and are now populated exclusively by Serbs. The plasma-exchange process originated with a Swedish dairy cream separator created in the late 1800s that sets apart curds from whey.46 Scientists were so inspired by this simple machinery that they attempted to use it to separate plasma (the yellow-colored liquid that suspends cells and contains antibodies) from blood (which contains the red and white blood cells). The blood streams into the cell separator, which, like a spin dryer, shakes up the blood, cleaving it into those two componentsthe plasma and the cells of the blood. Then the machine returns the blood to the body and replaces the original plasmawhich is full of the harmful autoantibodieswith a new, protein-rich fluid that does not contain antibodies. Each process takes about three hours. The doctors had prescribedfive sessions.

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